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Do you perform any business operations or would you like to sell any products or services on the Russian and/or others Eastern European languages-speaking communities markets?

If you answered, "Yes", I would like to introduce to you new type of ethnic marketing company that specializes in marketing and advertisement in Russian language and others Eastern European languages.
EMBC, LLC is the only United States based professional company that is building a bridge between Russian and others Eastern European languages speaking communities of our great American society and American businesses by providing business, cultural, and marketing expertise.
EMBC, LLC is one of organizers of the First in the history of the Greatest Philadelphia area cultural festival "RUSSIAN MOSAIC" that occurred with big success on August 10, 2003 at famous GREAT PLAZA in PENN'S LANDING that located right in the middle of Downtown of the Philadelphia City, and attracted many visitors with different ethnic background.


If you answered "No" to the previous question, and you do not perform any business operations on the Russian or others Eastern European languages-speaking markets you should take in consideration that:

Russian is the most widely spoken Slavic language and is also one of the official languages of the United Nations. There are millions of Russian-speaking people in the USA. They are dispersed all over USA with the biggest concentration in and around New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, DC and San Francisco metropolitan areas.
There is a common misconception that everyone who speaks Russian is from Russia. In fact, Russian-speakers come from all over Europe and Central Asia. This is due to the fact that the Russian language was widely taught throughout the school systems of the fifteen former Soviet Republics as well as those of the former Warsaw Pact nations that currently became independent countries. For some of people Russian is their second or third language; but what is most important is the fact that they can understand this language along with any well created advertisement campaigns that will attract their attention and will bring positive results to your business leading to increased profits.

Russian is not the only thing that unites different communities of Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union Republics. There is another topic that brings all these different nationalities together on the daily or weekly basis, which is food. Russian delicatessen stores, food markets, bakeries, eateries, and restaurants became famous for their menus and quality food assortments from all over the world. More and more consumers with different ethnic backgrounds are visiting these places and spending their money there.

Russian speaking expatriates lead active lifestyles by attending cultural events, traveling, participating in their community, and keeping up-to-date on current events. They are well assimilated, yet are still eager to follow the latest political and business developments in United States and their local marketplaces. Most of these individuals are bilingual, but generally prefer to speak Russian at home, and turn to Russian-language media for the latest political news, market trends, business developments and information. Though they insist on maintaining strong ties with their heritage, they are very open to new cultures.

In addition to placing a high value on family, education is a top priority in their lives. 61% of adults have a Bachelor's Degree, 19% have the equivalent of an Advanced Degree, and 17% have some college education. The average Russian-speaker works in a professional environment and has an above-average income and disposable income. Where and how Russian-speakers will spend this disposable income depends on how attractive not only your product or service to them, but also how well created your marketing campaign and how professionally build your advertisements in media.

Success of your campaign based on few simple questions:

-Do you use real ethnic marketing professional or just marketing people that do not have much creativity and professionalism in Russian-speaking and/or others Eastern European languages-speaking communities campaigns, or even worse-just uneducated sales people?
-Do marketing professionals create and customize your adds to specific characteristics of your products or services, and they do keep the process under control to promptly bring all corrections and changes if needed as they occur?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, contact us immediately and we will perform these services for you.

As with any ethnic group living abroad, people from Russian-speaking communities are more inclined to trust and respond to professionally created and customized advertisements in their native language. This is where Ethnic Marketing and Business Consulting Company (EMBC, LLC) comes to the rescue.

EMBC, LLC the ONLY Company in the United States consists of multilingual business professionals with diversified international business experiences together with US education and MBA, MS, BBA degrees in Marketing, International Business, Economics, Finance, Pharmaceutical Science, Biochemistry, Computer Science and etc from well respected US universities.

EMBC, LLC serves as a priceless resource for US businesses that want to sell or present their products or services to Russian-speaking communities all over by building a bridge between them. Russian speakers thrive in the US and stay abreast of what is happening in the national and local markets today.



Mission Statement

The premier ethnic marketing, advertisement, and business consulting resource provides regular and alternative media and marketing communications resource for all sizes of companies, advertising agencies, direct marketing firms, PR firms, service, media planning companies to the Russian and/or others Eastern European languages-speaking communities markets.



Corporate Goal

Become a premier global source of "3E"-Ethnic Exchanges Experts in marketing to the Russian and/or others Eastern European languages-speaking communities markets.



Company Overview

Ethnic Marketing and Business Consulting, LLC (EMBC, LLC) creates and implements innovative, distinctive, and effective multilingual media and marketing campaigns for manufacturing companies, advertising agencies, PR firms, service and media companies.

Our specialization is marketing campaigns in Russian and others East European languages. Our company consists from the team of US educated multilingual business professionals with MBA and BBA degrees in Marketing, International Business, and Finance from well-respected universities with many years of international professional experience.

We are implementing media and innovative marketing campaigns followed by marketing research based on proprietary media and market research, client marketing objectives, media mix modeling, media buying, cultural trends, and in-depth analysis of the relationship between clients, consumers, and/or media by demographics, market segmentation, focus groups, etc.

We are creating real working professional advertisements. Our advertisements are professionally crafted and will attract attention of your prospective customers. If our advertisements not bring your expected results we will recreate them for you. We will provide full support on all stages of our business relationship.

We also perform mystery-shopping services for you to let you see a real picture how your dealers or retailers affiliated with you treat your products and services. Complete and detailed report of our mystery-shopping experience will be presented to you for your future considerations.

Ethnic Marketing and Business Consulting, LLC (EMBC, LLC) enhances the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through creative and unique media programs that touch consumers (online and offline) in relevant, and unconventional ways.

Contact us to develop a professional ethnic advertisements or campaign. Trust real professionals and we will guide you through hidden reefs of ethnic markets.

We will provide professional results for YOU!

Eduard L. Goykhman, Founder and CEO

MBA in Marketing and International Business, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
MS in Trade Economics, Trade Business Academy, Kiev Ukraine
BS in Construction Engineering and Management, Construction College, Ukraine.



Contact us:

Mail: P.O. Box 51264
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E-mail: consulting@marketingtorussians.com


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